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Plus one, minus one, makes zero

January 7, 2012

Earned myself a grownup point today by applying for some jobs. One of them in particular was very nice. Unfortunately, the process of applying for it left a bad taste in my mouth.* It’s not fair that I have to be absolutely perfect to be considered for a job (one spelling error and you’re out) whereas people who are already gainfully employed can be as stupid as they like in carrying out their duties. So I turned off my brain, played Monkey Island for, like, three hours, ate half a pizza and way too much popcorn, and consequently lost my grownup point again.

I’ll never grow up and get a job at this rate…

*ETA: Oh yeah, this reminds me of one of the reasons I was blogging anonymously last time. I would love to tell you exactly what was wrong with the application process. But my real name is on this blog. If I state plainly what annoyed me, and if the company in question is modern enough to google its applicants, they might recognize what I did, and then bye-bye, chance for a job interview. A job seeker can not afford a single blemish anywhere!


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