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A somewhat cute story (but bitter too)

January 10, 2012

One thing about myself, that I haven’t mentioned on this blog yet, is that I play music. I listen to all kinds of stuff (except maybe hip-hop) but I mostly play classical. It’s the kind I’ve been trained to play. As a child I learnt violin and piano, when I grew up I switched the violin for a viola, and on the keyboard side I’m branching out into church organ. I’ve got a key to the local church, together with permission to use the organ whenever it’s free.

Yesterday afternoon, after I had played for ten minutes or so, it turned out that it wasn’t. Apparently, Monday afternoons are booked for an older man (my guess is he’s around sixty) who used to belong to this church, now lives and plays in another suburb five kilometers from here, but who still likes to come and play the organ once a week. He was really nice, asked who I was, told who he was, figured out that we have a few common aquaintances…

Anyway, so I told him that I’m a chemist, and that I’m currently out of work so I often come and play. He shook his head and said, sadly:
-You have a university degree? And you can’t find a job? In my days it wasn’t like that…

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