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The kind of site I trust the most

January 23, 2012

Most of the time, when I read something off the Internet, I file it away under “interesting if true”. After all, anybody can get themselves a blog and start spreading rumors. And it’s not like I can be bothered to fact-check every story I come across.

Then there’s the list of trusted sites, where I tend to take everything as “true until I have evidence to the contrary”. The newspapers I follow online belong here, as well as Wikipedia. And Cracked. Cracked is the odd one out in my collection of trustworthy sites. Instead of being serious and informational, it’s a humor site. And most of the stuff posted there is either really funny, or so totally USA-centric that it makes me ill. Sometimes both.

However, most of the time when Cracked makes a claim about something, they give a reference. A link to an article in a big newspaper with good reputation. A link to a primary scientific report. A list of five or six movies containing the plot device under discussion. And so on. And every time I have checked these references out, they have supported the claim.

That’s the kind of site I trust.

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