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Some random comments on energy

February 4, 2012

There is a scene, somewhere in the middle of Bridget Jones’s diary, where Bridget’s friend tells her that an adult woman needs to eat around 2000 kcal/day. “Oh”, replies Bridget, “I thought the goal was to get down to zero.”

I had this friend back at university who was fond of saying outrageous things about food. Things like “Mmm, fat and sugar! Everything you need!” when confronted with a cake that would make most dietists faint.

Another of my university friends took a sabbatical year, and used it to study wilderness crafts in Norway. Things such as how to go camping in winter at high altitudes. The teachers at that school were recommending to bring lots of fat food along. You’ll need it to keep full and warm and strong, they said.

Let it also be noted that I totally agree with Failblog: an energy drink with no coffein and (almost) no calories does not make sense. I strongly doubt that there are any other legal ways to boost your energy.

I remember one evening a couple of years ago. I had worked for more than a full day, I had to buy food and cook dinner because my husband would be working even later, and I was dog-tired. I decided to allow myself a Coke. I was, at that time, trying to mind my weight, so I furthermore decided to make it a diet Coke. Total failure. Zero calories, yes, but also zero boost.


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