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A tricky definition

February 14, 2012

What does it mean to be “grownup”?

Ever since I was 18 and started to define myself as grownup, I’ve thought that “supporting yourself and your dependants (if you have any)” was part of it. Not until now do I realize that that is a rather stupid criterion. I’m currently not supporting myself, at least not in the strict sense. And it can’t really be that sick people cease to be grownup, or that handicapped people never grow up.

Putting a pure age criterion doesn’t seem right either. Some 16-year-olds are more grownup than some 25-year-olds. Maybe “grownup” is another one of those things like “cool” or “pornographic” or “aromatic” (in the organic chemistry sense): we can’t quite define it, but we know it when we see it.

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  1. Moreva permalink

    I believe you support yourself! The only way to define support is not work, employment and wages! With that definition you let the capitalists win. For some years ago they talked about “närande” and “tärande” in Swedish politics, those who earned money and those who didn’t. That is a false way of thinking. Those who earn money can’t do that without those who don’t. When you earned money you paid for unemployed people. If unemployed people didn’t need money in our well-developed countries we would not have to earned so much money in order to pay taxes for all the well-fare duties. For the moment I earn a lot of money but I didn’t always do that. But I worked all the time and hard as well. And a lot of people depended on my work and without me it would have been impossible for them to live as well as they did. I’m handicapped, and when I can’t walk anymore and can’t earn as much money as I do now I’ll still be supporting myself and be important to people near and far. That’s my belief! We all need each other and we need you too, with work and wages or without!

    I know I’m out of topic. I write what interest me, just like you do!

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