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Parliament does not equal democratic

March 1, 2012

The German parliament “Bundestag” would like to appoint nine people to a special committee to administrate the throwing of money into the giant black hole of Greek finances. The full parliament can’t react to market demands quickly enough, see. The constitutional court said a preliminary “no” to those plans already last October, and now the final decision has been made, Spiegel reports. The idea of a committee of only nine members has been judged unconstitutional. The parliament as a whole are responsible for the bugdet. They may delegate responsibility to committees, but such a committee must “reflect the party composition of parliament as a whole”. Nine people are considered to few to accurately represent a parliament with five or six* party groups in different proportions.

Speaker of the Parliament Norbert Lammert, however, claims that the proposed nine-membered committee is democratically legitime. Because – the parliament has voted on it, and a majority of parlamentarians voted for it!

And that in Germany, of all places!

* The conservatives are divided into CSU (from Bavaria) and CDU (from the other federal states). I am unsure whether this counts as one or two parties.

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