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That’ll show them!

March 2, 2012

Dagens Nyheter tells the story of Carl Emilsson, unemployed since sometime last year. He left his previous job to complete secondary school (like those bureaucrats are always saying that a good citizen should) and afterwards, he didn’t find a new job. He didn’t get unemployment support, because the last thing he had been doing before unemployment was studying, not working. You’d think if they really want people to continuously educate themselves, it should be possible to skip over the time he spent studying and count the work he did before that, but whatever. He was also denied social support, because the bureaucrats there thought that he hadn’t been applying for enough jobs. WHAT??? I thought social support was this final security net that will always catch you, no matter what you do. This barely-enough-to-live-on money given out to everybody who don’t have any other resources, regardless of who they are or what they do. Apparently I was wrong. Well, Kingdom of Sweden, my regard for you has fallen from “pretty good” to “barely ok, I guess”. Not that you care.

Emilsson, however, decided to stick it to the man by obeying the rules to the extreme. He wrote a very general application letter, downloaded a list from the Swedish Public Employment Service of all the open positions in all of Sweden where it was possible to apply by email, and wrote a little script. He is now applying for all of those jobs. Every 62 000 of them. Hopefully he will get some job offers out of that. And if not, as he says, at least nobody can claim that he applies for too few jobs any more.

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