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Stupid internet thieves

March 12, 2012

So, um, hello again, internet. We’ve been cut off from both landline telephones and (since our internet comes per modem) the online world since last Friday afternoon. Mobile phoning still worked, so my husband spent an infuriatingly expensive half hour waiting for customer service, being told over and over that all agents were busy at the moment, but as soon as somebody got free they would take care of his concern, and oh, was he aware that many problems can be solved by visiting the company’s homepage?

Well, yes. Yes, we know that. We wouldn’t call you from a mobile phone if we had a choice.

And customer service, of course, took twenty seconds to refer him to technical service, where we spent five minutes ascertaining that all cables were plugged and that nothing was wrong with the splitter (little doodad that splits the connection between phone and modem, so that both can work at the same time).

And today a technician came and reconnected us. Turns out, somebody had broken into the telephone switchbox in the basement of our house, and fiddled with the connections. Somebody wanting free internet and telephone, probably. Idiots. Wouldn’t it have been easier to try to hack into a wireless network? I can see seventeen of them from where I’m sitting, and I bet that at least one of them is either open, or protected with some incredibly weak password. Something like 12345 or the name of the network or so.

So, how did it work to not have internet? Not bad, actually. I’ve been reading and playing music and playing videogames and doing housework. Apart from a slight attack of bad feelings over not having updated this blog, I haven’t missed it. Then again, I am old enough to remember life before internet, if only barely.


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