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Jobs I don’t want, part I

March 14, 2012

If there’s one thing I absolutely don’t like, it’s problems with no good solution. Situation where no matter what you do (including doing nothing) you will be criticized for it. I’d rather work as a cleaning lady than taking a job which puts me in such a position. Now, don’t get me wrong. I respect cleaning ladies and their male colleagues (cleaning lords?) immensely. They do work which is both unpleasant and necessary. I’m very grateful towards anybody who takes on such a job, precisely because I don’t really want to do it myself. Though I would, if I needed the money. The kind of work where anything could get you criticized, on the other hand… no thanks.

Like the people manning the emergency telephone service. Send an ambulance to somebody who didn’t really need it, and your boss will complain that you’re wasting money and resources, and what if that ambulance had been needed in the other end of the district? Don’t send an ambulance to somebody who later turns out to have needed it, and you’re left feeling responsible for a preventable death, plus the whole thing ends up in the newspapers (this one is from Svenska Dagbladet, in Swedish).

Spokesperson Anders Klarström says to the journalist that these are the two most common problems they have: sending ambulances when they’re not needed and not sending ambulances when they’re needed. Well, DUH. Those are the two most obvious ways things could go wrong, when you’re charged with deciding who gets an ambulance and who doesn’t. Also, unless we want to spend the resources required to give an ambulance to anybody who requests it, these errors will continue to crop up.

So, hats off to the people daring to work like this!

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