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This is me being angry

March 21, 2012

German authorities have decided that an 8 months old baby should be deported to Serbia, his mother’s home country. Alone. Mother, father and two older siblings may stay in Germany.

They claim it’s only a formality. Children under five don’t actually get deported. Well then, don’t issue documents saying that they will be!

And the way the whole family has been treated! The father doesn’t have permit to work, the mother does, and used to be working while her husband took care of the children. Then suddenly the authorities decided that she had to move. Not allowed to stay with her husband. Children had to go with her. And oh yeah, why aren’t you working any more, like you used to? It would look good on your application for permanent residence if you had a job…

Go read the whole thing, if you understand German.

And if somebody knows something that can be done, tell me. I’m not primarily interested in this particular family (plus I bet the authorities are already recieving a deluge of angry letters about them). I see this family as an example. I’m very, very sure that the German migration authorities haven’t treated them worse than anybody else. I’m very, very sure that there are a thousand families and human beings out there with similarily outrageous stories. So, I’m not primarily interested in saving this one baby. I want to change the praxis for how refugees and foreigners are treated. (Hint: they’re human.)

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