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The perils of living abroad

March 28, 2012

In Sweden, treacle is one of the standard sugar products. I never used all that much of it, just a little now and then for baking or for making toffee. My favourite toffee recipe is based on treacle.

In Germany, treacle is for some reason difficult to find. After my Swedish bottle ran out, I kept my eyes open for it, but it still took me several months to find a jar of treacle. Aha! Finally! Let’s make some toffee!

And then it turns out that the treacle I bought is actually more or less non-sweet. No idea how they managed that. I first thought it was because the German treacle was made with inverted sugar rather than with saccharose, but that was based on my previous misconception that inverted sugar is a non-sweet, non-caloric filler. Actually, inverted sugar contains just as much energy as saccharose, and tastes even sweeter. Interesting. But in that case, how on earth can you make a treacle that doesn’t taste sweet?

The toffee is eatable, but tastes more like a cake than like the sugary sweetness I was expecting.


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