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You’d think it’d be self-evident

April 13, 2012

Svenska Dagbladet reports that the Swedish government wants to change the rules for “young people recieving care in state institutions”. What institutions isn’t mentioned, but I suspect we are talking about the institutions that less squeamish nations would call youth prisons – correctional facilities for teenage criminals and/or addicts. The government wants to allow strip search of the inmates/patients, as well as a search of their rooms, at any time, for any reason, or even without a reason. It should not be possible to complain about it, and there should be no need to document the searches in any form.

This is so idiotic I’ll have to resort to CAPS LOCK to protest it: °’*`?=)(/&%$§”!!!

Ok. I realize it might be necessary to check that the teens are actually following the house rules. I grant that it could be useful to sometimes let the wardens/nurses/social workers/whatever they call themselves act on a hunch. But of course it should be documented! And if the documentation shows, say, that Ahmed is being searched three times as often as Peter, the responsible personnel should be made to explain themselves. If they can motivate it (maybe Ahmed is frequently found to hide marijuana, whereas Peter usually behaves himself), fine, keep at it. If there is no motivation, then Ahmed has been wronged, and the people responsible should at the very least change their behaviour in the future.

Honestly, if you have the time to do a strip search, you’d better be able to take the time to write two words about it afterwards.

  1. intressant blogg, måste hinna läsa lite mer nån dag!

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