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Great Swedish lyrics quotes

April 19, 2012

Most of the time, I’m happy in Germany. The one thing I miss from my native Sweden is language and culture. All these books and poems, all these songs and stories that I want to share, but there’s a language barrier in between and besides, Germans have their own cultural canon, overlapping but not identical with the Swedish one…

But who cares? I’ll share if I have to translate it myself. Here’s some of my favorite quotes from Swedish song lyrics.

Det är de utan jobb, som inte har någonting…

…som inte har någon lust att lämna mig ifred.
Det finns människor som ingen jävel vill se.

“It’s the ones without a job, who don’t own anything… …who don’t feel like leaving me alone. There are people such that absolutely nobody wants to acknowledge them.” Människor som ingen vill se (People nobody wants to acknowledge), Bo Kaspers Orkester.

Trött på all valpropaganda lika billig som reklam,
va: “Vi vill ha ett bättre Sverige”? Åh fan.

“Tired of all the election ads, just as cheap as commercials, like:’We want a better Sweden’? You don’t say.” Över gränsen (Across the border), Lars Winnerbäck.

Däruppe sitter de runt sitt ovala bord
och tror att Stockholm är mitten på vår jord,
trots att världen har blitt öppnad och global
och det är fritt att flytta runt sitt kapital (om man har nå’t)…

“The guys up on the top are sitting around their oval table, thinking that Stockholm is the center of the world, despite the world having opened up and become global, so that you can easily move your money around (if you have any)…” Bra-sången (Song about being good), Cirkus Sol.


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