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Another great quote, experienced

April 21, 2012

Ja, ensamheten trycker
som ett par skor som är för små:
för varje steg man tvingas ta
blir det svårare att gå.

“Yes, loneliness pushes you down, like a pair of too small shoes: every step you are forced to walk makes it more difficult to go on.” När man jämför (When compairing), Hoola Bandoola Band.

My husband and I went on a hike today. We used to do that now and then, but this one was the first one in years. And don’t ask me how, I thought I was at least physically fully grown, but – my hiking boots have gotten too small! At first it wasn’t a problem, but after five or six kilometers my toes started to feel a little squeezed. After ten, I was in pain. And when we had walked twenty kilometers, and almost gotten back to civilization again, I was seriously considering taking off my boots and socks and walking the last two kilometers barefoot. Thankfully, we were out of the forest by then, and could take a bus back to town.

So here I am on the sofa with a dull throbbing pain in both of my big toes. They’ll look nice and purple tomorrow, no doubt.


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