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Maybe they know what they’re doing after all

April 27, 2012

Before losing my job, I had a rather dim view of the governmental job agency. So far, most of my prejudices have been confirmed. They’re bureaucratic and rigid. They have their little one-size-fit-all spiel going on, and are not interested in helping me with any of the stuff I would like help with, or even in listening to me. They demand personal visits for no apparent reason. When I’m there, the person I’m supposed to meet is always a few minutes late, and not because the previous meeting ran late, but because she stayed too long in the coffee room. Really, the only thing I’m happy about is the support payments: money enters my bank account regular as clockwork. To keep the money flowing, I have to play by their rules. Specifically, I have to apply for a set amount of jobs every month. I find it annoying, but not unreasonable.

Lately, I have sort of mentally given up. When I read a job ad, I don’t think “Hm, that sounds interesting”, or “I can do that”. I think “what’s the point, I won’t get it anyway”. Well, money’s the point. Sweet sweet government money. So I still apply for new jobs, just like Arbeitsamt wants me to.

I still think they’re unfriendly. But maybe they’re not total idiots.


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