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Deadly fat

April 30, 2012

Being fat is appearently dangerous in more ways than you would think. Not only do fat people* have a higher risk of getting diabetes, heart problems or knee problems, they’re also more likely to die of car crashes, Süddeutsche Zeitung** reports. Researchers from University of Buffalo have found that if you have an accident, the risk of dying is 56% higher if you’re fat*** than if you’re slim.

They’ve also found the reason. It’s a really simple and really stupid reason. Fat people in USA don’t use seatbelts as often as their slim countrymen. I wonder if the seatbelts are even long enough. Though I consider myself fat, I’m far from qualifying for the “fat” category in this study, and I sometimes have problem fitting under the seatbelt if I’m wearing a thick winter jacket.

* I really dislike the word “overweight” (adjective or noun), because it so directly states that you’re not normal. I prefer to call myself “fat”. Yeah, I’m weird.

** “South German Newspaper”. Couldn’t find any references in English. Sorry.

*** defined as BMI>40.


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