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Mount an expedition!

May 11, 2012

Usually I don’t miss having a car. We’re fortunate enough to live in a rather central part of town, with lots of stores nearby. It only occasionally becomes a problem. But what a problem on those occasions!

So, yesterday was one of those days. Our landlord demands that everybody plant red pelargonia on their balconies. It’s probably not legal for them to make such specific demands, but they’re doing it anyway, and it’s easier to comply than to fight it. If we were rich, we could just pay the 50€ they demand to do the planting for us. Well, no way. If we were slightly less rich, but well-off enough to own a car, I could just get in, drive five minutes to a garden store, pick up twelve pelargonia plants, put them in the back of the car, and drive five minutes back home. But since we don’t have a car…

…ok, who sells red pelargonia? Sometimes you can get them at bigger food stores. No such luck this year. Many kinds of flowers on sale, some of them red, but not pelargonia. Drat. That means I’ll have to bike out to the garden store. Oh well, on a bike it isn’t far. But wait a minute, how on earth am I going to pack twelve pelargonia plants onto my bike? Hm, there’s this box that just so fits on my luggage carrier. Can I fit twelve plants in it? No. No, I can’t. I’ll have to take a second box too. And that means I can’t bike. I’ll have to hike out there.

Off we go. Stupid boxes, even when folded up they don’t fit in my backpack. Past the food store, past the discount clothes store, and off into the industrial area. Heavy backpack full of old electronic waste – if I’m here anyway I might as well take the chance to get rid of this*. Folded-up boxes under one arm. Purse under the other. Baseball cap against the sun. Hot. Humid. Walking through concrete tunnels under the railroad. Graffiti and broken glass everywhere. Good thing graffiti doesn’t scare me. And also a good thing that it’s ten in the morning and all the party people are asleep or at work. Drunk people are a bit scary. But right now nobody else is here.

Walk walk walk. Finally got rid of the electronics waste. Such a relief. Still another kilometer to go. Along the highway – at least there’s a bicycle path here for me to walk on. Forgot to bring water. Stupid. Are we there yet?

Arriving at the garden store. Got my stupid red pelargonia, all packed up in my boxes. The smaller ones in one box, so I can stack them. And now I have to get back home! If only my feet didn’t hurt so much…

*Electronic waste isn’t picked up by the waste removal company where I live. You can dump it for free at specific points in town. All of them easily accessed by car and not easily accessed on public transportation – because of course you’ll be driving to the dumping point, it would be stupid to do otherwise, now, wouldn’t it. Sigh. At least it’s just the dumping of special waste that works like this, not something crucial like food.


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