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The one and only way

June 5, 2012

Humans in general have a tendency to think that their way of life is the one and only. The only logical course of action. When we then observe other humans choosing other actions and worldviews, we are confronted with a paradox. A very common resolution of this paradox is to assume that the others don’t know better.

You can find this everywhere. “Atheists are just atheists because they’ve never heard of Jesus”… enter the annoying fundamentalist who turns every conversation into an evangelization opportunity and whose wake is littered with tracts. “People are fat because they simply don’t know how to eat healthy”… enter the recurring suggestions of putting red traffic lights or sad smileys or similar pictograms on chips bags. And of course everybody would consent to donate their organs for transplantation if only they got correct information… In short, lots of people seems to expect Easy Evangelism to work in real life, never taking a mental step back to realize that there hardly exists a single adult in our culture who hasn’t heard that Jesus saves, chips are bad for you and organ donation saves lives.

The only paradox resolution potentially even more annoying is the assumption that the others know perfectly well what’s right, but choose to be evil because muahaha!!! EVIL!!! In other words, that atheists know that God exists but choose to ignore him, that fat people willfully eat themseves into gargantuan sizes just to disgust everybody and draw benefits from our universal health care, and that non-donors refuse to donate because they want the people on the donation waiting list to die. This assumption ought to be thrown into a lake of fire with a millstone around the neck.

And the patronizing “they-just-don’t-know-better” ought to be taken out behind the barn and shot.

Different worldviews and actions happen to stem from having different experiences and priorities, not from suffering a surprising lack of knowledge.

One Comment
  1. Dr. rer. nat. Evil permalink

    Why, my plan was to keep eating potato chips in order to build up enough mass to attract the moon and crash it into earth, killing everyone. Unless, of course, the world pays me a hefty ransom. If you call that “evil”, I don’t want to be good. :-O

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