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June 11, 2012

Going through today’s job ads, I found a rather promising one. It was with a company I had applied with before, but that’s not unusual, there are several international chemistry giants around here that keep posting job offers every few months. Anyway, it looked like a very suitable job for me, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that the ad seemed awfully familiar… So I took out the folder where I keep the ads for all jobs I ever applied for, and sure enough! That company used exactly the same text for a job posting back in February. The picture was new, though.

I’m not too annoyed by this one, rather amused. February is long enough ago that it’s concievable that they did hire somebody back then, and now are looking for another new employee for the same department. What I can’t stand is when a company writes out a position such that I fulfill all the criteria, I apply, get turned down, and immediately afterwards they put out exactly the same ad again. That’s just evil. If they don’t want someone like me, it should be made explicit in the ad. “At least 5 years of industry experience required”, or whatever.


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