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Monster is annoying

June 19, 2012

No, not the kind hiding under your bed. The job portal

I have an electronic search agent active with them; it’s supposed to send me an email whenever something that fits my criteria pops up. That happens nearly every day. This would be great, if the search agent was a bit more well-behaved. As it is… well. Every job ad gets sent to me twice. In case I missed the first email about it, or something. Which is a bit over-redundant, and becomes perfectly ridiculous in those instances where it somehow manages to give me both alerts in the same email!

I’ve told the search agent I’m only interested in jobs in a certain area. Not unfrequently, this is ignored. I get ads from all over Germany, even from Switzerland and Austria! I bet it would send me stuff from all over Europe if these things weren’t sorted by language.

The Delete key is your friend…

This week, monster pulled a really mean stunt on me. It sent me an ad for a job that would have been a very good fit for me. It said in the ad to apply over the company’s homepage, so I went there. The position was still listed, but according to the company, it had been listed since early May. Strange that monster only sends it now… ah well, I’ve been applying to jobs where I get a flat and quick “no” and then the ad goes out again, maybe that’s what happened here, maybe they didn’t like any of the applicants from the first bunch. Why not. Maybe this time I get lucky. So I clicked on the button to apply.

“We’re sorry, the position you are trying to apply for has already been filled.”


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