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Fiss bom ba

June 26, 2012

This is my 105th blog post. You might think 105 is not a very special number, but only if you never played Fiss bom ba.

The object of the game is to count as fast as you can to 105. But wait, there’s more! Certain numbers are forbidden and may not be spoken! Everything divisible by three gets replaced with fiss, everything divisible by five gets replaced with bom, and everything divisible by seven with ba. So, one two fiss four bom six ba eight fiss bom… Fifteen turns into fiss-bom, and twenty-one into fiss-ba.

The special thing about 105 is that it’s the smallest number divisible by three, five and seven. Fiss-bom-ba and done!

The game can be played alone, but is more fun in a group. In a group you take turns, each saying one number or number equivalent. The group size should not be divisible by three, five or seven, for (I hope) obvious reasons.The counting should still go as fast as possible.

I missed to celebrate the obvious milestone of 100 posts, so here’s to my 105th post instead! Cheers!


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  1. Moreva permalink


  2. your blog is hating on me, i’ve been trying to write a comment – “good work!” – like three times, but they’ve all gone missing… gotta try with a fake identity – but this is none the less den elaka bloggaren.

  3. Sorry to hear that. I’m not good enough with computers to figure out what might be wrong. But thanks!

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