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Lose, lose, win, don’t care

July 5, 2012

I applied for a job today that I don’t have any chance of getting. I don’t have any of the desired skills, and only some of the required ones.

So I lose another portion of my self-respect, plus the half-hour spent cutting-and-pasting together an application from old application letters.

The company loses too: they have one more worthless application to glance over and throw, before winnowing the pile down to the applicants that might be able to do the job.

It’s a good thing for my Arbeitsamt overseer, though. I do what I’m supposed to do according to Arbeitsamt rules, so she doesn’t have to do anything about me.

And the higher-ups who decided on the rules? They don’t care one iota what I did. And I’m sure they still think that all unemployed are lazy parasites.

  1. it’s important to make it uncomfortable to be unemployed. i think they know, just how denegrating it can feel to be writing applications just for the sake of it. but they want it that way. like with social benefits, they could make it easy and automated to apply for it once you’ve proven that you’re in the shit economically speaking, but it’s more uncomfortable still if you have to show up at a certain grey, depressing concrete building with obvious mold-issues at a certain interval just to show your face and explain to your social worker why you’re not out of the shit already (like they wouldn’t know).

  2. Oh yes. Or a boring brick house in the middle of an industrial area, far away from everything and on the wrong side of the railroad so you have to take a big detour to get there.

    Am there, am doing that.

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