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It’s a bomb!

July 7, 2012

They’re renovating the train station in the town where I live. Today they found a bomb. Poor little foreign me thought it was a bad joke at first. You know, some teenager calling the police and claiming there’s a bomb, just for the lulz. That’s what it would have been in Sweden. And at first it didn’t seem so bad. We were supposed to have taken a train at half past eleven, and at that point they had only evacuated the station itself, and we were told that they didn’t know when the trains would run again, but at any rate not before twelve.

So we went for lunch and came back at half past twelve, and then there was some serious stuff going on. Buses rerouted, shops closed, residents evacuated from the blocks surrounding the station. That’s when we found out that there actually was a bomb, not just a report of one. And not a terrorist bomb either. An old one from the second world war (just like my husband had said it would be, but I didn’t want to believe him). Appearently you still have to count on finding one with every bigger construction project, almost seventy years after. How many tons of explosives did the Allies throw down here, I wonder?

UPDATE: The bomb has been defused without incident now.


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